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Union Status: Non-Union
Talent: actor
Age: 25-34
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’1-5’5
Build: Slender
Shoe Size: 6.5
Special Skills:
Languages: English
Additional Info:

Good ear for dialects, Sight-reading, Scat-singing, Tight A Cappella harmonization
Saxophone: 8 yrs, Bass drum: 5yrs, Basic piano, Hand to Hand stage combat, Basic salsa
Small dog noises, Whistle tones, Picks up combinations quickly

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Personal Bio

Megan Herrera is a Kansas City native & was thrilled to move back after graduating from Stephens College in 2012 with a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts. She has enjoyed working consistently throughout the city
in a wide range of theatrical productions. However, during the day she loves her job as Chiropractic Assistant/Internal Public Relations for one of the nations top chiropractic clinics! She loves to explore,
spend time with her family, and take in as much art & culture as she can.