About Moxie Talent Agency


Those 3 words embody everything that Moxie Talent Agency strives to be. We believe that being an Actor in today’s world takes a heck of a lot of courage, continued tenacity and the know how to succeed in the Kansas City market. Not only do we represent talented actors, but we strive to educate our actors on how to stand-out in a competitive market and conduct themselves with the professionalism it takes to be a working, bookable actor.

Moxie Talent Agency puts the needs of our clients first. It is our goal to provide top notch customer service and we will work hard to meet the requirements of every booking, from a local commercial to an editorial layout to an industrial video. Our attention to detail and knowing our talents strengths and weaknesses set us apart from other agencies.

Stacey Siegert

Moxie Talent Creator

Stacey Siegert, Creator - Moxie Talent Agency

Stacey Siegert, Owner, has over 15 years experience working in the entertainment world. Starting out as an actor, she earned a Theatre and Film degree from The University of Kansas and then made New York City her home for almost 4 years. Stacey understands actors. From what they go through in auditions to being on-set, she understands what their thought process is and all it takes to have the courage to pursue the craft of acting.

While in NYC, she found she had a passion for the business side of the industry. She worked in the marketing department at The Blue Man Group, assisted actors as a Business Consultant at TVI Actors Studio, assisted in casting for Law & Order: SVU, and worked as a Manager in the Creative Division at Wilhelmina Models. Stacey’s career has spanned all aspects of the entertainment business.

Shortly after returning home to KC in 2005, Stacey became a Sr. Broadcast Agent at Exposure Model & Talent Agency where she invested 7 years developing actors and booking talent. During her time at Exposure, she decided to branch off, creating a company where she went one step further in molding actors by providing workshops for actors taught by local industry professionals. She called this company, Actors with Moxie, LLC.

Since 2009, Stacey has been producing workshops and creating curriculum geared toward the business minded actor, essentially teaching them to consider and conduct themselves as a small business enterprise. Workshops have included such topics as Voice over: Another Outlet for Actors, The Producer Panel, Acting with a Teleprompter, Improvisation for the Actor, Stage Combat, Audition Technique with LA Casting Director, Acting for the Camera for Kids and Teens and many others. She is also an adjunct professor at JCCC where she teaches The Business of Being an Actor. Being an agent is Stacey’s passion, and she is thrilled to be doing it full time again.